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Are you getting ready to find your dream wedding dress?

It's time to begin the most exciting part of your wedding journey!

If you’re looking to book an appointment then you’ve probably already done. little bit of research and have a few ideas about your wedding. Buying your wedding dress should be the most enjoyable experience, so take your time, research and prep. It doesn't have to be hard or scary, you don't have to put pressure on yourself, just relax and come with an open mind.

Not sure where to start? Maybe this will help.

Make a moodboard - Have a look on instagram and Pinterest, get a few images together of things you like, from dresses to flowers, decor etc. This will help to build a picture of the style of day you want to have and some dress details you are drawn to. Fun fact, most brides will end up with a dress that is the complete opposite and thats ok, Pinterest boards can change and evolve as your planning progresses.

Whats your budget – Have you thought about how much you want to spend on your dream dress? Every bride is different and there isn’t a right or wrong amount, its what you feel comfortable with. Do take into account that dresses don’t include the cost of alterations and all wedding dresses need some kind of alteration for a perfect fit.

On my website every designer has a price bracket listed so you know in advance which collection may best suit your budget, every dress is also labelled in the boutique when you arrive.

My advice… don’t try on a dress thats way over your budget, a little bit of wiggle room is ok but if your budget is £1500 I wouldn’t advise you try on a £2500+ dress if you really don't to stretch that far.

Who you bring shopping – I appreciate there will be times when brides want to bring a large group. It’s good to note that often bridal boutiques are independent and therefore small in size, big groups simply won’t fit. For me I can accommodate some requests, I have additional seating but my top priority is giving you the best bridal experience.

I want you to feel relaxed, pressure free, confident and know that you have 100% of my attention. Bring people who’s opinion you respect and or need. You don’t need over opinionated friends / maids / or anyone else. Every person is different, different tastes, styles, opinions, so everyone in your group will probably pick a different dress! It’s natural. Only bring people that will allow your thoughts to shine, that will watch and listen to how YOU feel about each dress.

When to start shopping? – Ideally no later than 9 months before your wedding date. Gowns will take approximately 6 months from order to arrival leaving approx 3 months for alterations. Leaving it too late can cause unnecessary stress and reduce the options that are available to you. I can get you a gown in 3 months approx but you will have to pay a rush fee to the designer for them to prioritise your dress over others. The other alternative is to buy a sample that you can take away the same day.

You can never start shopping too early if you are a bride who knows what you want. If you are someone who fears they may miss out or will easily be lured by the next gorgeous dress pic on instagram then be careful not to shop too early. Bridal silhouettes don’t change that much, trends will come and go but the main shapes will stay the same each season.

How many boutiques to visit? – Do your research! Only visit boutiques that offer you your ‘vibe’, check out social media pages and read reviews. If you want something modern and cool don’t go to a traditional boutique, it will have a negativie impact on your overall bridal experience, trust me.

One or two is a good number to visit, after about dress seven they will all start to merge into one dress in your mind. Your experience will be much more memorable with a more tailored selection that suits your style. If you don’t know what your style is its ok to try a wide variety, you’ll quickly learn what you love.

Note – you'll always have friends who will say ‘You’ll buy the first dress you try’ or ‘You will go for what you’re least expecting’. This is true for some and not for others, you are all DIFFERENT, and that’s ok. It’s ok to be the bride that buys the first dress, or the bride who buys the dress she came in desperate to try, or the bride who buys the dress she didn’t expect to love.

Stay open minded, relax and enjoy the process, let your assistant guide you, let them get to know you. There are no rules, you don’t need to visit another boutique to confirm your decision just because thats what your friend did, but if you need to that’s ok!!

Also can I just say when you do find the one and you don’t have tears streaming down your face and neither do your bridal party… Its ok! We aren’t in a movie, this is your story.


Images - Maggie Sottero

Images - Stella York

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